Wondering “where can I get ear wax removal?” Read on.

Just about everyone has experienced their ears getting clogged with ear wax, but solving this problem will take a little investigation. The sensation usually isn’t painful, but it’s sometimes annoying and commonly combines the clogged feeling with muffled hearing and sometimes mild dizziness. Oftentimes your ear feels clogged, but doesn’t hurt and in this case you typically can remedy the situation without seeing a doctor. Obviously, if you are experiencing pain in combination with your clogged ears you should probably make an appointment with a healthcare professional.

Where can you get ear wax removal?

The safest way to remove wax buildup from your ears is to visit a doctor. At your appointment, your doctor can use special instruments, like a cerumen spoon, forceps, or suction device, to clear the blockage. Many offices also offer professional irrigation. You can make an appointment with your general practitioner to get this done or you can go to a specialist called an audiologist, who specialize in everything that has to do with your hearing.

If you are not experiencing any pain, but have a clogged sensation in your ear you can investigate with a digital otoscope like the ones sold by ScopeAround. Digital otoscopes either come with their own screens or connect to your mobile device to show you real-time footage of what it looks like in your ear canal. If you have some wax build up you should see it and possibly be able to clear it yourself. You could use the ear wax removal tool that comes with some otoscopes or try over-the-counter ear drops. If your canal is completely clogged, called an impaction, then you should probably seek the help of a professional.

Where to go for ear wax removal

Earwax congestion isn’t that common of an occurrence, but if it does happen, usually it can be taken care of at home without visiting a doctor. The first step is to look inside your ear canal with a digital otoscope. If you see a small to medium amount of ear wax accumulation then you should be able to clean it out yourself with a ScopeAround otoscope and earwax spoon attachment. The key to doing this safely is to look through the otoscope while cleaning out the wax, watch what you are doing and make sure you don’t touch your ear drum. If your entire ear canal is blocked by wax it is probably a good idea to make an appointment with a healthcare provider to get it cleaned out.

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