What is ScopeAround ?

ScopeAround is composed of a body and three interchangeable camera heads. Coupled with high-quality video and imaging, ScopeAround reveals a new perspective that previously laid just beyond your ability to see.

See the world in a new light with ScopeAround. Life is about discovery and that’s just what you’ll experience with this tech-packed video camera. ScopeAround is for the curious, for the doers and the thinkers, for the get-er-doners, and above all for the imaginative.

ScopeAround is a powerful, lightweight video camera with three interchangeable camera heads,

the Flexible, the Fit, and the Focus.

Each of these specifications were designed to fulfill a unique desired view and function.
The camera records directly to your smartphone or device through wi-fi, so you can view and share your discoveries instantly.

ScopeAround Focus

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ScopeAround Fit

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ScopeAround Flexible

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A key feature of ScopeAround is its three interchangeable camera heads. The situations in which you’ll use the video camera will be unique, so we created camera heads that are versatile enough to be able to fit a number of situations. With the side view camera, endoscope camera, and microscope camera, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next.

Switching camera heads is seamless. You don’t have to turn off the device or disconnect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. All you have to do is pop out and pop in a camera head to begin using a new view.

Why ScopeAround ?

ScopeAround truly gives you a new way to learn, a new way to see yourself, a new way to work, and a new way to see the world.
Whether you’re an aspiring scientist or an actual one, a professional worker or just a DIY dad, ScopeAround will help you uncover the details of what’s really around you.
If you’re more focused on getting the job done than understanding the world, ScopeAround can also help.
The lightweight video camera can help you see the details you need to solve a problem.

Make Your Life More Wonderful

You’ll be amazed when you discover the beautiful and fascinating world that exists just beyond your perception.
ScopeAround can act as a learning tool for curious children and their parents.
Using the microscope camera head, the Focus, children can use ScopeAround for science projects or personal exploration.
Simple things like leaves, flowers, and your own skin become enhanced and enchanting with ultra-digital clarity.
Get your child excited about science and nature with their own microscope. It’s easy for everyone to use.

At the end of day, anyone can use ScopeAround. A professional Mechanic, Plumber, or Repairman,
you can discover what your problem really is and get onto the important part of solving it.
Jewelers can get an incredibly detailed look at the jewelry piece they're looking at and determine its authenticity or improve it.
Scientists can make discoveries and learn about their subject without purchasing a large and heavy equipment.
A dentist or a dermatologist can perform their job and show the results to their patients.

For the Everyday Explorer

Getting up close and personal with your work can mean the difference between solving a problem and creating one. ScopeAround illuminates the world around you, so you can find out just what’s going on.

With the endoscope camera head, the Flexible, you can see into tight spaces making your auto, plumbing, and other inspections becomes so much clearer.

Is there a crack in your water pipe? A leak in your gas hose? Moms can use the Flexible to check what’s left in the overhead kitchen cabinet that they might have forgotten about, instead of having to use a ladder. If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, you’ll be able to find out on your own with ScopeAround.

ScopeAround's Detailed Design

ScopeAround was designed to look elegant and sleek. The device consists of a highly integrated circuit so we were able to make it very small, compact and easy to carry. Our team went through a lengthy design process with numerous sketches and 3D printing prototypes to create a high-quality video camera that fit the needs of consumers.

ScopeAround features an antiglare lens and LED lighting technology to deliver stunningly detailed videos and images. And with our high-speed image transmission technology, these images are presented to you seamlessly. ScopeAround is composed of a body and three interchangeable camera heads.

The body of ScopeAround is slim and sleek. It features the power indicator. Connect ScopeAround to your computer through USB to charge the device. A full recharge takes about 3 hours. When all three lights are illuminated on the body of the ScopeAround, the device is fully recharged. Turn the camera on with the touch of a single button below the power indicator and touch the button again to adjust the light intensity.

Incredible Video and Image Quality

ScopeAround presents your findings in impeccable quality right on your smart device. You’ll be able to clearly see what you’re studying and take action based on the detailed HD image or video. See your discovery in real-time with ScopeAround’s seamless delivery.

A high quality cmos sensor and the special customized lens enable the ScopeAround cameras to offer high performance imaging and Hign-definition(HD) video output in an ultra-compactsize.


When you find yourself in a sticky situation and need to stick ScopeAround down a drain or wet surface, you can do just that. There are few limits to detailed discovery with this wonder.

Smart Connectivity

View your findings on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or computer. Use the ScopeAround app on your phone to see what you discover anywhere. Using a wi-fi network, you can connect your video camera to your smart device and make your next big discovery.

ScopeAround Wi-Fi cameras provide 300Mbs high transmission rates that guarantee interruption-free HD video streaming. Two built-in antennas greatly increase the wireless robustness and stability enable the cameras smoothly.

Connect Everywhere & Every Time

The ScopeAround App runs in multiple terminals, such as iPhone,
iPad, Android phone or Android pad.
Please search “ScopeAround” from Google Play or APP Store. Or you can get the APP here:


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