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    Best Digital Otoscopes Cameras

    SMART VISUAL EAR WAX REMOVAL TOOL - Small sized water proof digital otoscope camera with 720 HD resolution and 6-LED adjustable lights that comes with 4 types of silicone scoopers to meet needs for different scenarios. The upgraded flexible scoopers have a much smoother finish to better protect your ear canal.

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    5-in-1 Multipurpose Wireless Smart Otoscope & Ear Cleaning Camera


    Wireless Otoscope with Ear Cleaning Scope The Best Ear Cleaning Camera Ultra Slim & Safe Digital Otoscope  This iPhone / Android wireless otoscope is the perfect tool to inspect your...

    Wireless Smart Otoscope Camera with Ear Wax Removal


    This is the perfect wireless otoscope camera with ear wax removal kit for at home or on the go.

    USB Otoscope Camera with Ear Wax Removal


    This is the perfect wireless otoscope camera with ear wax removal kit for at home or on the go.

    Ear Examination High Resolution USB Digital Otoscope


    AE430 Ear Examination Digital Otoscope Wide Compatibility & High Definition Image 【Compact & Compatible】 Super compact otoscope design is 40% smaller than most smartphones. Connects over USB to PC and...

    Digital Otoscope FAQs

    What is a digital otoscope?

    An otoscope is a medical device, which is used to look into the ears. Health care providers use otoscopes to view the ear canal and tympanic membrane, or eardrum, and screen for illness during regular check-ups. Digital otoscopes perform the same function, but are connected to a LCD screen for convenient viewing and can also record digital photos or video to view later. A digital otoscope can give more reliable access to the tympanic membrane, improved patient comfort, medical documentation and sharing of the image with the patient, students, parents, and colleagues.

    What is the best digital otoscope?

    The best digital otoscope is the one that helps you the most. First, it needs to be compatible with whatever devices you are using it with. Digital otoscopes can be freestanding (work by themselves) as well as work in concert with Android or iPhone mobile devices plus some are compatible with PC (Windows) or Mac (OSX) computers. When you buy a digital otoscope you need to decide how you are going to use it before you take the next step.

    What is the purpose of a digital otoscope?

    The basic purpose of a digital otoscope camera is to examine the tympanic membrane, or ear drum, of your ears. Digital otoscopes are a digital camera device, which means that almost all models record photos and video for later viewing. Digital video otoscopes need to have a good light source to see deep inside your ears and they also need to be able to be sterilized and cleaned for use on different patients. Digital otoscopes with ear wax removal take things a step further, making these handy tools into a hygiene necessity. All of ScopeAround’s digital otoscopes also include tools to perform wax removal.

    How do you use a digital otoscope?

    Digital otoscopes are fairly simple to use, there is a black plastic cone-shaped part (the speculum) that needs to be installed first - this prevents over insertion. Once the speculum is installed and everything is wiped clean with an alcohol pad you turn on the screen and light source and insert the otoscope into your ear canal. Once inside, you adjust your focus by moving the otoscope slowly in or out until you achieve a sharp image on the screen of your ear drum or, if you have an ear wax blockage, then the ear wax. After you have achieved a sharp image you can record photos or video with the device.

    Do digital otoscopes work with iPhones?

    Yes, many digital otoscopes work with iPhones. Do keep in mind that iPhone use Lightning connectors and not USB cables so they are limited somewhat and don’t work the same as many Android-compatible USB otoscopes. One popular means of connectivity with iPhones is to connect via a WiFi network, which forgoes the need for any cable. ScopeAround makes the best digital otoscopes for iPhones that are compatible via WiFi networks or over a cable with a Lightning cable adapter.

    Do digital otoscopes work with Android?

    Connecting a digital otoscope to an Android mobile device is easy and can be done two ways - over a WiFi network or over a USB cable. ScopeAround USB-otoscopes even come with adapters for USB-2, micro-USB or USB-C, depending on what type of Android device you own.

    What types of digital otoscopes are there?

    ScopeAround usually breaks down their otoscopes into three different categories. Digital otoscopes can be freestanding (work by themselves), they can connect to other devices over a USB cable, and they can connect to a device wirelessly over a WiFi network. The best digital otoscope for home use is the one that is compatible with you and your devices, so first ask yourself if you want it to be freestanding or dependant upon other devices and if so, then what type of devices. Some customers ask about digital otoscopes for Bluetooth, but Bluetooth is too slow to transmit images and video so usually we tell them that they are mistaken and need a WiFi otoscope.

    Why should I pick ScopeAround digital otoscopes?

    ScopeAround brought the first digital otoscope with camera for consumers to the market over five years ago so we have more experience and customer feedback to make the best digital otoscopes available. We make a complete range of digital otoscope products ranging from free-standing models to USB-connected, Lightning cable-connected and WiFi-connected devices.

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