If you’re wondering “how much does ear wax removal cost,” this post is for you.

It’s normal for your body to produce cerumen, or earwax, and it actually helps protect and lubricate your ears. If you didn’t have earwax, your ears would probably be itchy and dry. Earwax has antibacterial properties, which means your ears are self-cleaning. Earwax is like a filter for your ears, keeping out harmful things like dirt and dust, and trapping them so they don’t go deep inside. If it does build up inside your ear canal, especially if it clogs the canal, then you should remove at least some of the wax to prevent your hearing from being impaired. If that happens to you, you might ask how much does it cost to get your ears cleaned? 

How much does it cost for ear wax removal?

If you have a clogged ear canal usually you aren’t going to ask how much does an ear cleaning cost, instead you are just going to want relief from the impaired hearing and bad balance you are probably experiencing. 

If you want to know how much is an ear wax removal then you need to know if you can get the service performed under your health insurance. The cost to get your ears cleaned is usually between $100 and $250 at an audiologist or primary care physician. Of course, if you have insurance then it might be covered completely, or just require a co-pay, depending on your plan. If you get your ears cleaned at a spa, then the price could be as low as $50, but it all depends on the spa and some have very expensive services.

The least expensive way to remove ear wax is to buy a simple digital otoscope and do it yourself at home. Otoscope cameras can cost as little as $40 and will serve you for a long time as a safe way to inspect your ear canal and remove ear wax if necessary.

How much is professional ear wax removal?

If you want to know how much is a professional ear wax removal then usually that means going to a doctor or an audiologist. If you have health insurance then just go to your primary care physician as they usually have a trained nurse perform the procedure and it should be covered under a co-pay. If you have to go to an audiologist, then you will either be referred to a specialist or just skip the referral and go straight to an ear clinic where you’ll probably pay between $100 and $250 for an ear cleaning.

How much does it cost to remove ear wax at home?

First off, this is not common, but if you have an impacted ear canal with a large deposit of hardened earwax we recommend going to a doctor or specialist to have it removed. If you just have an accumulation of ear wax that you want to clean out then the easiest way to do that is to clean it out at home with a digital otoscope. Digital otoscope cameras are the safest way to remove ear wax at home because they have a camera built into them allowing you to see what you are doing. Having good visuals in your ear canal is important because you don’t want to injure your ear drum as it’s very delicate and sensitive. Use the digital otoscope with a spoon attachment to gently scrape away the wax while being careful to avoid touching your ear drum. Digital otoscopes start at about $40 for models that work with you mobile phone and go up to about $100 for self-contained models. 

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ScopeAround makes a number of ear cleaning cameras that are safe to use because you can see inside your ear the entire time you are using the device. You can’t see what you are doing if you poke your ear with a cotton swab. Digital otoscopes have integrated LED lights to illuminate the ear canal and help the tip of the otoscope avoid your eardrum. Ear wax removal is easy to do because a soft silicone-tipped spoon attaches to the end of the otoscope and that combined with the camera gives you the perfect tool to scrape out pieces of earwax or other debris. Shop ScopeAround digital otoscopes today!


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