Learn more about Q Grips and whether they are safe to use

If you are searching for ear wax cleaning methods remember that earwax has antibacterial properties so it actually prevents dirt, dust and bacteria from entering your ears. Additionally, earwax naturally works its way out of your ear canals, where it dries and falls out.

In theory, your ears are self-cleaning and you shouldn’t have to clean out your earwax, but sometimes the earwax gets stuck in the ear canal or clogs it up completely and needs to be cleaned out. This is something that you shouldn’t have to go to the doctor for, just learn how to use an ear wax cleaner yourself and it shouldn’t require a medical professional.

If you are shopping for an earwax removal tool inevitably you’ll run across Q Grips as a candidate so here are the pros and cons of Q Grips in an effort to help you make the best buying decision.

What are q grips

If you ask a number of people how they clean their ears, it’s likely that the most common method people use is a Q-Tip, or cotton swab. Although this method is popular, it is not doctor-recommended. While Q-Tips can work, usually they just push the earwax deeper into the ear canal. At their worst however, Q-Tips can cause injuries including ruptured ear drums that send many people to doctors and emergency rooms every year. So, what are Q Grips ? Q Grips are an attempt to create a product that overcomes these weaknesses and isn’t as dangerous as Q-Tips.

How much are q grips

If you want to know how much are Q Grips you should check on Amazon for the most up-to-date price, but also consider some alternatives for a better ear cleaning experience.

Do q grips really work

If you are seeking a safer alternative to Q-Tips, then Q Grips for ear wax might be the answer, but do Q Grips really work, or are they actually effective? In our experience Q Grips can remove some ear wax, but they won’t remove it all and they don’t give you a good view of the inside of your ear canal so you can’t see how much ear wax is in there or where it is at.

How do q grips work

Understanding how do Q Grips work is not that complicated. The device is battery powered and features a soft plastic swirly screw that rotates inside your ear canal to pull out pieces of earwax. The screw comes in six different sizes to fit different ears, but it’s not meant to be completely inserted into the ear canal, just the tip of it—this prevents over insertion and damage to the eardrum.

Are q grips safe for removing ear wax?

When it comes to earwax removal, safety is paramount because your hearing is important and eardrum injuries are painful, so if you are asking are Q Grips safe for removing ear wax then you are not alone. In our experience Q Grips are safer for removing ear wax than Q-Tips, or cotton swabs, but you do need to make sure you use the right size tip or else you might risk injury.


Q Grips are a painless earwax removal tool that is effective for all ages and may be especially effective for mothers trying to remove the earwax from their young children’s ears. The pros and cons of using Q Grips are important to weigh when considering earwax removal tools and Q Grips for earwax are probably one of the safer tools that you can use.


As far as some negatives about Q Grips go, some users have complained that Q-Grips are not suitable for smaller ears. In our experience, the biggest con is that you still can’t see inside your ear canal with the Q Grip so you won’t know how much earwax you need to clean out or where it is located.
What should be used instead of a q grip?

ScopeAround digital otoscopes

The best earwax removal tool that we have used is a digital otoscope with a soft silicone ear spoon attachment like the one made by ScopeAround. Digital otoscopes have a digital camera in the tip so you see everything you are doing and can avoid your delicate ear drum as well as quickly find and remove any earwax deposits in your ear canal.