Learn about why your ears might hurt when you wake up, why that happens, and what you can do about it

Have you  ever wondered why does my ear hurt when I wake up? Obviously, nobody likes to experience pain, but in this case, most of the time it isn’t too big of a deal. Read on to learn more and how small changes can alleviate ear pain in the morning.

Why do I have ear pain in the morning?

Usually ear pain in the morning is just caused by the way you are sleeping. If you sleep very soundly and on your side, you may simply be compressing the cartilage in your ear against the bed or pillow and this could be leading to soreness. This is most certainly the cause if the pain tends to go away after changing positions. 

Why does my ear cartilage hurt when I wake up?

If your ear cartilage hurts in the morning, then it is likely that you are just compressing your ear while you sleep. Try turning over and seeing if the pain goes away or if your opposite ear experiences similar symptoms. By the time you search google for “Why does my ear cartilage hurt when I wake up?” your pain should be gone.

Why does the inside of my ear hurt when I wake up?

If you experience ear pain in morning, it most likely is just because you slept soundly on your ear and compressed some of the cartilage in it. Usually this is not a big problem and can be alleviated by changing positions. If the pain persists then you should look inside your ear with a digital otoscope to see if there is an obstruction, earwax clog, swelling, or other injury. 

My ears frequently hurt after I wake up. What should I do?

If your ear cartilage hurts when you wake up then you may want to try sleeping on your back or on your other side to see if that makes a difference. This usually is not indicative of a serious problem, unless the pain is persistent and doesn’t decrease after you change positions. If you are concerned there might be something like an earwax clog in your ear canal then it might be a good idea to buy a digital ear inspection camera - sometimes called an otoscope

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