If you’re thinking that “it feels like something is stuck in my ear,” this post is for you. 

If it feels like something is stuck in my ear it can be painful as well as potentially dangerous. Typically, you know if something is stuck in your ear, however small children may just be cranky, tug at their ear, or cry. Recognizing the something stuck in ear symptoms and identifying that there is something stuck in the ear are the first steps to fixing the situation.

Why does it feel like something stuck in my ear?

If it feels like something stuck in ear you could you might be in a range of pain levels going from mild pressure, to excruciating pain. Having something stuck in your ear can be of little significance or it could mean a trip to the emergency room so it’s important to know what to do in the situation.

Something stuck in ear symptoms

The symptoms for a foreign objects in the ear can vary from a slight noise in your ear or an itch to bleeding and extreme pain. Usually, it isn’t so bad but typically you can also expect to have impaired hearing and maybe even poor balance. Young children usually aren't able to communicate their symptoms as well so they are typically fussy or crying and sometimes will pull at their ear, so look at how they are behaving and be able to read the signs. 

What to do if something is stuck in your ear

If you suspect there is something stuck in ear, and you don’t know what it could be, then the best course of action it identify what the object is. Use a digital otoscope to look inside your ear and see what is causing the problem. Once you identify the object, you can proceed to removing it yourself, having someone else remove it, or going to a health professional to have them remove it.

How to get something stuck in your ear out

If you want to know how to get something stuck in your ear out this is a good place to start. First off, never poke or prod the object. Don’t use tools such as cotton swabs or matchsticks to pry an object out, they can push it deeper into the ear, and this may cause more damage. If the object is easy to see and grasp, you may be able to gently remove it with tweezers. 

Never use liquid to remove a foreign object from your ear if there is a hole in the eardrum or if a child has ear tubes. If you see signs of a hole in the eardrum such as pain, bleeding or discharge, see a health care provider right away. Use a rubber-bulb syringe and warm water to wash the object out of the canal. Don't use water to remove batteries, food or plant material.

If you have an insect in your ear use oil or alcohol to remove it. Tilt the head so that the ear with the insect is upward, and pour alcohol or warm, but not hot, oil into the ear. The oil can be mineral oil, olive oil or baby oil. The insect should float out. Don't use oil if you think there is a hole in the eardrum or if ear tubes are in place.

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