In this post, we’ll look at home otoscopes, what they are, and what is the best otoscope for home use.

Otoscopes are incredibly handy to have in case you need to keep tabs on your basic ear, nose, throat, and skin health. They are an ideal tool to take photos or videos of something you see and want to ask your doctor about. The best otoscope for home use is the one that is the easiest to use and works with your other digital tools. Many at home otoscopes are made to work with USB or WiFi so you need one that works with your mobile device. For instance, Android devices are USB compatible, but iPhones are not, and you will also want to know what app is best to use with your home otoscope.

What is a home otoscope?

Otoscope cameras are used for examining the ear canal and tympanic membrane of the ear, but they also work well to look inside the nose and throat or even get a close-up look at skin. Home otoscopes usually include a camera probe and some way to view the images that the camera sees. At home otoscopes frequently connect a mobile device to transmit their live view as well as take photos or videos. Home otoscopes usually come in three varieties - USB models, WiFi models, or stand-alone models. The stand-alone models include their own screen, battery, and memory for content storage. 

How does an otoscope for home use differ from a professional otoscope?

Professional otoscopes that doctors use are typically built to last a lifetime of use out of metal and glass with a wired connection to a computer. They can take digital photos and videos and store them directly to their computer system. The best at home otoscopes don’t need to be used constantly like that of a doctors, so they are usually made of plastic with a few metal parts and a glass lens, but instead of connecting directly to a computer they can connect to a mobile device or have their own handheld screen. Otoscopes for home use are lighter, more compact, and less expensive than professional otoscopes.

What is the best at home otoscope?

The best home otoscope to use is a digital otoscope that is compatible with your phone or a stand-alone unit. ScopeAround makes a number of devices that are safe to use and available in USB, WiFi, or stand-alone variants. Digital otoscopes have integrated LED lights to illuminate the ear canal and as well as look in your mouth at teeth or in your nose.  

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