What does it mean when your ear feels clogged? Just about everyone has experienced clogged ears, but solving this problem will take a little investigation.

The sensation usually isn’t painful but it’s always annoying and commonly combines the clogged feeling with muffled hearing and sometimes mild dizziness.

When your ear feels clogged and muffled you first need to ask yourself why that might have happened before you solve the issue.

Oftentimes your ear feels clogged but doesn’t hurt and in this case you typically can remedy the situation without seeing a doctor.

Obviously, if you are experiencing pain in combination with your clogged ears you should probably make an appointment with your doctor.

What does it mean when your ear feels clogged

There are a number of reasons why your ears might feel clogged including sudden changes in altitude, going swimming, experiencing a loud concert or sound in addition to being sick, having a sinus infection or maybe being in some sort of accident.

If your ear feels clogged and ringing and you have recently experienced a loud concert or sound then it usually will go away on its own, although tinnitus - an extreme type of ringing in the ear - can take longer to go away sometimes.

If the ringing sensation doesn’t go away you may want to see a doctor.

What to do if your ear feels clogged

The good news if you are asking the question what to do if your ear feels clogged is that this usually isn’t a serious problem.

If you have recently experienced a sudden change in altitude you can chew on some gum or swallow some water to pop your ears and make the sensation dissipate. If that isn’t the case it’s always possible that you could have an earwax buildup in your ear canal and the best way to determine that is with a digital otoscope

If your ear wax  builds up too much then you can use a digital otoscope to look inside your ear canal and  safely scrape out some of the excess earwax. You should not use a Q-Tip or an ear candle to clean your ears.

Finally, if your ear canal becomes impacted you may have to visit your doctor to have your ear cleaned out, although this is rare.


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