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    Wireless Smart Otoscope Camera with Ear Wax Removal


    This is the perfect wireless otoscope camera with ear wax removal kit for at home or on the go.

    5-in-1 Multipurpose Wireless Smart Otoscope & Ear Cleaning Camera


    Wireless Otoscope with Ear Cleaning Scope The Best Ear Cleaning Camera Ultra Slim & Safe Digital Otoscope  This iPhone / Android wireless otoscope is the perfect tool to inspect your...

    USB Otoscope Camera with Ear Wax Removal


    This is the perfect wireless otoscope camera with ear wax removal kit for at home or on the go.

    Ear Examination High Resolution USB Digital Otoscope


    AE430 Ear Examination Digital Otoscope Wide Compatibility & High Definition Image 【Compact & Compatible】 Super compact otoscope design is 40% smaller than most smartphones. Connects over USB to PC and...

    Ear Cleaner Camera FAQs

    What is the ear camera called?

    A fancy name for an ear camera is an otoscope. Now, many modern otoscopes have a digital camera attached to the end of the device so users can see a high-resolution image of the inner ear on a screen & record photos or video. This is much safer when working within the ear (such as during ear cleaning) because you can see what you’re doing better and avoid injuring the eardrum. A digital otoscope provides an easy way for anyone to stay on top of their ear, nose, or throat health and cleanliness.

    How do ear cameras remove wax?

    A modern approach to earwax removal is to use a digital otoscope with a wax removal attachment. Teslong makes a number of devices that are safe to use because you can see inside your ear the entire time you are using the device. Digital otoscopes have integrated LED lights to illuminate the ear canal and give a perfect view of your eardrum. The soft silicone-tipped earwax removal spoon attaches to the end of the otoscope and that combined with the camera gives you the perfect tool to scrape out pieces of earwax.

    How can I use my phone as an ear cleaner camera?

    Yes, Teslong ear cleaning cameras can connect to phones over USB or over a WiFi connection. If you have an iPhone, which doesn’t support USB, then you will need a WiFi otoscope to use your phone as an ear cleaner. If you have an Android phone you can use a WiFI otoscope or a USB otoscope as an ear cleaner camera.

    How do you use an ear cleaner with camera?

    Before using an ear cleaner camera, thoroughly clean the device and sanitize it before putting it into an ear. Now you are ready to turn on the device and connect it to WiFi and the app. Put a speculum on the lens to look inside the ear first. Once connected, you place the otoscope into the ear canal and observe the images on the screen. Avoid making contact between the otoscope and the ear drum. After inspecting, you may want to remove wax. If so, take the speculum off and place the ear wax remover tool on the otoscope. Remove wax with the tip slowly without pushing the wax farther into the ear. Workaround the edges and scoop the wax out in chunks. When you are done, make sure to sanitize all the parts of the otoscope and the attachments. Dry the device off before storing it in the included storage bag. Charge the otoscope if necessary before storing it for the next use.

    Can an ear wax cleaner with camera take pictures?

    Yes, earwax cleaners with cameras can take pictures. They can even record videos. The basis of a digital otoscope is a tiny digital camera so they have many functions similar to that of a digital camera.

    Is ear cleaning equipment like otoscopes safe?

    An otoscope can only damage your ear if it is misused. If not used carefully, the otoscope tip may irritate the ear canal lining, so you just need to make sure that you insert the otoscope steadily and slowly. If this irritation does occur, it is unlikely to be severe and will go away on its own.

    The main risk comes if you insert the otoscope too far into the ear canal as there is a potential for damaging the eardrum. If you feel any kind of resistance, like something is blocking the canal, do not attempt to move the otoscope any further forward.

    The best part about using a digital otoscope is that you’ll be able to see everything in your ear canal and how close you are to it. Therefore it is one of the safest ways to clean out ear wax.

    What is the best ear cleaner with camera?

    The best ear cleaner with camera will depend on your needs – usually this has to do with if you need the otoscope to be compatible with your mobile device or not. At Teslong, we can provide you with the best otoscope for easy home use. Whether you want a digital otoscope with a built-in screen, iPhone or Android compatibility, a USB otoscope or WiFi otoscope, we have an otoscope to suit you at a great price.

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