About us

See the world in a new light with ScopeAround. Life is about discovery and that’s just what you’ll experience with this tech-packed video camera. ScopeAround is for the curious, for the doers and the thinkers, for the get-er-doners, and above all for the imaginative. 

ScopeAround is a powerful, lightweight video camera with three interchangeable camera heads, the Flexible, the Fit, and the Focus. Coupled with high-quality video and imaging, ScopeAround reveals a new perspective that previously laid just beyond your ability to see.

Our team’s vision is to bring medical-grade technology to consumers. With ScopeAround’s multi-functionality, there are so many different ways you can benefit from the powerful video camera. We spoke to hundreds of consumers to find out what they wished they could see and perfected cameras to help them uncover those things.

Our team is so passionate about helping your family see beyond what was previously possible. Get to know our team leaders and the experiences they’ve had that have led to the creation of ScopeAround.